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Re: Potato to Woody upgrade failure

Larry wrote:
Heres the deal.

I'm using Potato.

I have a Woody CD set.

1) Comment out lines in /etc/apt/sources.list
2) apt-cdrom add   (for each of the Woody CD's)
3) apt-get update
4) apt-get dist-upgrade
   At which point I got the message:
   E: Internal Error, couldn't configure a pre-depend

5) apt-get upgrade

6) apt-get dist-upgrade
   Got the same pre-depend error.

Where do I go from here?


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I had the same problem using the woody CD's.  I changed the
sources.list to use the http method instead of the CD's and
the update and dist-upgrade worked without any problems.  The
upgrade instructions first recommended using

   apt-get install dpkg apt debconf

which installs these three package updates along with several
megabytes worth of other packages.  Then use dist-upgrade.
The woody release notes give all the details.


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