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Re: Root can't run X programs

David Krider <david@davidkrider.com> writes:

> nate wrote:
>> remove all instances of it and restart your X server/display manager
> You are the man. Was I supposed to be able to find this in the
> standard Debian docs someplace?

I don't know if the Debian installation process still asks what level
of questions and information you want to receive. But I'm sure that at
some point it used to do so. If you set it high enough you would get
info telling you about stuff like this: "By default program XYZ does
not allow ABC to change this edit /etc/DEF.conf and change the value
of allowsomething=no to alllowsomething=yes"

I think nowadays all you get is a message asking whether you want
debconf to manage your X config file and your X wrapper file.


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