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Re: Viewing a .wmv file

hi roberto,

the only thing i can suggest is to give mplayer a shot.  the
tarball available off their site ships with a ./debian directory,
so you can  make your own binary package out of it and then install
it with dpkg.

to get windows media formats working, you need to download a
codecs tarball off their site too, and place its contents in


On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 07:29:38PM +0200, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> I seem to be having some trouble getting a .wmv file to come correctly.  I am
> using the unstable distribution and have installed xine-ui and libxine1. 
> Basically, I need to be able to play this becuase my university offers distance
> classes (some of which I need to take) and they only make them available in
> Windows Media format.  As it stands now, I can open the file with xine and I
> get audio but no picture.
> The file that I am testing on is ~200MB and is encoded for 56k, 128k, 384k, and
> 512k bit rates.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?
> -Roberto Sanchez
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