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Re: pilot-link in Sid and Sarge: Much bigger question

On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 03:27:57PM -0500, David Krider wrote:
>It's the same with everything else. I don't mind KDE 2.2 all that much.
>It does everything I want it to do. But everyone else is shipping KDE 3.
>Some distros are using 3.1. SuSE's is working great. I haven't had a
>single problem with it. I see that KDE is *still* stuck at 2.2 in Sarge.
>Again, KDE 3.x has been released for OVER A YEAR already. I don't
>particularly want to comb through the list of release-critical bugs for
>all the packages in Sid, but they can't be *that* bad, can they? I mean,
>what I'm learning about the Debian project is that the maintainers use
>the same upstream source as the rest of the world. If KDE 3.x is good
>enough for SuSE, Red Hat, Mandrake, etc., why does this lag so far
>behind in Debian?

There are kde 3.1.1 debs for woody. You can add this to your

deb http://download.us.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/latest/Debian/ woody main

The site has the newer koffice debs as well, but they are located in
another subdirectory.

www.apt-get.org has a list of unofficial repositories.


Peter Hicks
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