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Re: How to force fsck at boot time?

said Miquel van Smoorenburg (on 2003-04-22),

> In article <[🔎] 44710.>,
> nate <debian-user@aphroland.org> wrote:
> >> I have a remote server that is far from me. Sometimes electricity
> >> disappear for several minutes and server reboot. Sometimes it starts
> >> correctly, but sometimes fsck has to be run manually. Filesystem is ext2.
> >> I would like to ask how I can force fsck to correct all errors at boot
> >> time so that server can start always?
> >
> >edit /etc/default/rcS
> >
> >and set
> >
> Ehm, no. To see why not, read "man rcS". To answer the original
> question, read "man shutdown". Take note of the "-F" flag.

Actually his question was not how to force fsck on reboot, rather (since
he is never at the server) how to force fsck to correct all errors at boot
time without any interaction.  Possible irreversible file system damage
notwithstanding, setting FSCKFIX=y seems to be the solution to this guy's

In addition to whatever fsck boot setup he uses, I suggest switching to a
journaled file system and a UPS to minimize damage caused by power


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