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Re: Upgrading a single package to testing...am I doing this right?

Am Die, 2003-04-22 um 18.16 schrieb Neal Lippman:


> If I understand the apt howto correctly, what I need to do is add to
> /etc/apt/apt.conf the line:
> APT::Default-Release "stable"
> and also add to /etc/apt/sources.list links to the testing servers.
> Once I have done that, I assume that I will need to apt-get remove
> fetchmail and then use apt-get -t testing install fetchmail in order to
> get to the new version.
> Does that seem correct? 

Well yes, that'd work, *but* you'd need to update lots of other packages
to testing because the new fetchmail depends on them.

> If not, what should I do instead?

I'd recommend something like this:

- Put deb-src entries for testing in your sources.list
- apt-get update
- cd /tmp
- apt-get -b source fetchmail/testing (which should download and build
  fetchmail from source, so you don't need to update lots of stuff to
  testing for just one app)
- install the resulting .deb in /tmp
- Remove testing entries from sources.list
­ apt-get update
- enjoy 

> Alternatively, is there a good reason why a file server (using nfs to
> serve to linux clients and samba for windows clients) should be upgraded
> to testing at this point? I have been running testing on my workstation
> for some time without any trouble, so I suppose testing is sufficiently
> stable at this point to commit my fileserver to it if there is a good
> reason for that.
Not that i knew of. Never change a running system ;)


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