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Re: Upgrading Evolution

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 10:39, James D Strandboge wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 10:20, Stephen Hargrove wrote:
> > I'm running Woody, and find myself needing upgrade Evolution.  I'm
> > currently running v1.05, and need v1.2 (which is in Sid).
> > 
> > I changed my sources to point to Sid, and performed the following.  Is
> > this going to break anything?  I'm always concerned when I see gcc being
> > upgraded.  It's been the source of quite a bit of heartache in the past.
> > 
> > If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.
> This will almost definitely cause quite a few problems.  Go to
> apt-get.org and see if someone backported it.AA75 DCBE 2638 4A3A

Thanks!  It's always the obvious solutions that seem to escape me ...


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