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Re: mplayer?

> > 
> This is the source I use for Mplayer:
> deb http://marillat.free.fr stable main
> grab these packages:
> ii  mplayer-686 or mplayer-k6
> ii  mplayer-fonts
> ii  w32codecs

perhaps the debian package maintainer for mplayer (or someone else) can
explain to me which is newer and why there is package dependency
problems between libvorbis0 and libvorbis0a.  there are useful packages
like vorbis-tools, easytag, grip, sox, etc that use libvorbis0a and
mplayer uses libvorbis0. when trying to install mplayer it conflicts
with libvorbis0a and wishes to uninstall some of the above packages. any


-matt zagrabelny

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