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Re: Lost my network

[Please wrap your lines!  It makes it much easier to read, and thus more
likely that you'll get a response.  Anywhere between 70 and 80 is
acceptable; 72 seems to be a nice value.]

On Fri, Apr 18, 2003 at 02:26:50PM -0700, Michael S Daines wrote:
> Newbie question here, but I upgraded my kernel today and now I have
> lost my connection to the network.  The problem is that I had
> everything done automatically when I installed Woody originally, so
> that I could connect to the network at work.  It was working fine
> before, and it is probably just a configuration issue, but since I
> haven't dealt with the issue before, I was hoping to get some help.

In addition to the other suggestions you've received, it's possible you
didn't include support for DHCP in your kernel.  It's in the 'networking
options' section of menuconfig.

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