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Why can't `dpkg-reconfigure xsever-xfree86' give me a good conf file?

I was content to run stable on my desktop, even just using KDE 2.2, but
XFree86 4.1 doesn't know about GeForce4 cards. So I just went ahead and
took my machine to unstable. However, `dpkg-reconfigure xsever-xfree86'
can't give me a good conf file. Why is this? I have a dual-Athlon if it
makes a difference. I was finally able to create a good file with X's
xf86config, but it doesn't provide for automatic configuration of a lot
of modules. (Maybe this is a good thing; maybe those modules are
screwing me up.) I'd post my log file, but who wants to sort through
that? The only indication that something's wrong is that it says X
segfaulted at the end. There are ZERO "EE" lines in the file. How
useless is that?

I figure I'm not the only one with a GeForce4 on this list. Am I alone
in not getting this to work with debconf under unstable? How have others
gotten this configured?

While I'm at it, can anyone point me to a FM where I can read up on what
it takes to use the nvidia kernel and glx packages that are in unstable?
I'm not using them. They're not even installed. Maybe that's my whole

dk (Debian Newbie)

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