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Re: Turning off EXPN and VRFY

    "Fernando" == Fernando Shayani <fernando_shayani@yahoo.com.br> writes:

    Fernando> Yes, you are right. It's running exim, but when I telnet
    Fernando> my server at port 25, I can use the commands expn and
    Fernando> vrfy. Now, how can I turn it off on exim?

Edit /etc/exim/exim.conf

You need to set the smtp_verify flag false, like this:

smtp_verify = false

It is probably set to true somewhere (the default value is false if
not specified, so you must be explicitly setting it).

Also, look for a setting of 

smtp_expn_hosts = ....

and comment it out. If necessary change the definition to to just
'localhost' if that is what you want. 

Look in /share/doc/exim/manual.html/spec.html for details. It can be a
little scary, but go for it ;-)

These, incidentally, are the settings I got by default on my Woody box
(though this one I upgraded from potato, so I might be wrong about
what exactly is the Woody default). I'm a little surprised you are
seeing it different unless some one changed it for you.


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