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Re: Running SpamAssassin on an old Pentium

On Sun, 20 Apr 2003, Craig Genner wrote:

> Depends on what the 80% is of, 80 e-mails out of 100 isn't all that bad but 
> 800 out of 1000 would be to much.  It also depends on respomse time, if you 

even 8 out of 10 is bad ...   because the important info they needed
was considered spam and dumped.... bad thing to do ..

i can filter to less than .1% spams that does get thru ...
( disallow html-based emails ... and whitelist the "friends" )

but in other cases, say 1/10 spam gets thru ...
and some of these (old) accts get 500+ spams "attempts" a day
( but very very few gets thru ...  disallowing html-based emails is the
( trick

- and i use sendmail... sorry...  and is very low maintenance
  for adding/changing "antispam" rules
	- and zero false positives ... for "so called spams"
	i rather see a spam get thru once in a while than to dump
	an important email

- antispam stuff

- if you've received the spam in your inbox or smtp server... game over..
  you've just been confirmed and would be added to other new spam lists
	- imho, post processing w/ filters after the fact is too late

c ya

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