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Re: Running SpamAssassin on an old Pentium

Quoting Sam Varghese <sam@gnubies.com>:
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> I'm writing to find out how much overhead will be created by running
> SpamAssassin on a P-133 which is already handling quite a few tasks.
> The box in question serves as the dial-in server for about 60 people,
> runs a caching-only DNS and also serves as a firewall.
> Since all these 60 are retired people, some of whom have multiple
> sclerosis and other ailments, they often solicit a lot of spam from
> around the net. The situation at the moment is that of the mail they get
> around 80 percent is spam.
> I would appreciate some feedback because I am not a techie and while I
> would like to implement SpamAssassin, I wouldn't want to slow down
> things any more than they are right now. We have only a 33.6k connection
> to the outside world as this is in a semi-rural part of Australia.
> The box in question has 96 meg of RAM.

I do not think this will be enough CPU power for SpamAssassin (SA).  I
tried it on a hotrodded 486 that was comparable to a 80MHz Pentium.
Average load was .3, peak over 1.  The MTA (Postfix) and/or
amavisd-new timed out on most mails.  This setup without SA and a
virus scanner or two runs fine with a load fo 300-500 e-mails per
day.  I would guess that it could handle 5 to 10 times that load, if
reasonably evenly distributed through the day.

I would guestimate that SpamAssassin would need at least a 200MHz
Pentium to give acceptable performance.  The amount of memory is
probably adequate, depending on what else you run.


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