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Re: ssh: "connection refused by tcp wrapper"

    "Soren" == Soren Andersen <somian@adelphia.net> writes:

    Soren> On Sat, Apr 19, 2003 at 01:09:52PM -0400, Kevin McKinley
    Soren> wrote:
    >> If sshd is run as a daemon it doesn't look at
    >> hosts.{allow,deny}. If you run it as an inetd service, it does.

    Soren> Yes, I know. And it is not usually considered feasible to
    Soren> run sshd from inetd because it takes too long for sshd to

    Soren> It would be gratifying to get an explanation if possible
    Soren> from the package maintainer, perhaps, for ssh on Debian, so
    Soren> I am going to CC: this message to Matthew Vernon (matthew
    Soren> >>AT<< debian **DOT** org).  Version of the ssh pakcage I
    Soren> am using: 3.4p1-1

You could just read the docs instead ;-)

$ lynx /usr/doc/ssh/README.Debian.gz

Problem logging in because of TCP-Wrappers:
ssh is compiled with support for tcp-wrappers. So if you can no longer
log into your system, please check that /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
are configured so that ssh is not blocked. 

BTW, I did copy you on this reply intentionally. I figured you really
must want the answer badly enough if you are sending something to the


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