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Re: Switching from SuSE

Am Son, 2003-04-20 um 21.19 schrieb TyagiAnupam@aol.com:


> What I need from Debian immediately: 

> (1) Linksys network card support with Linksys router/access point that
> is configured with a Win-XP computer.

Support for you card depends on the chipset used.

> (2) Preferably Winmodem support, that can hopefully connect to AOL, at
> least for some time. I know there are issues on AOL side, may be they
> will give the info needed for connection.

Only very few winmodems are supported by Linux. Since you don't mention
which one you own it is likely that your modem will *not* work.

> (3) Very little time spent doing system admin, fixing config files,
> etc. Step-by-step instructions for doing so.  I am mainly a user, and
> not an administrator---though I can do some if needed, but would like
> to automate these. 

I fear to say that in this case Debian is the wrong distribution for
you. Most administration is done by "fixing config files". There are no
Wizzards like Yast. You'll have more fun with SuSE, RedHat or Mandrake,


> (4) Good security and virus protection.

The security of Debian stable is excellent due to its fantastic update


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