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grandfatherclock unable to create lock file

I used to run grandfatherclock as a cron job.  I just reactivated it, and
it's not working.  When I run it from the command line, I get this error:

~$ grandfatherclock -q
Unable to create lock file, /var/lock/LCK../dev/audio: No such file or

I get the same error if I try running it as root.  I do have a /var/lock
directory and /dev/audio is my audio device (although cat'ing an au file
>/dev/audio just produced noise, so maybe that's a clue?).

Might the fact that I've installed the DECtalk TTS have anything to do
with it?  That doesn't seem likely, as other sound apps (xmms, eg) still
work, using /dev/audio.  Googling various things didn't enlighten me.


Patrick Wiseman                               pwiseman@mindspring.com
Linux user #17943                             *Google First, Ask Later*

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