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Re: Users ready for Debian on the Desktop

I never said Linux wasn't a good system... i said it wasn't ready for the
average user to install.
And if it is possible to install a driver for a sound card i apologize...
but when i asked on here the only answer i received was to build my own
kernel.  Which at this time it says the kernel i built is too large. :-(


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> >Oh yes on my laptop windows xp was heavenly.  XP installed itself on my
> >laptop in less than hour with all peripherals working. First time my
> >didn't reboot every hour
> >.
> >Now that my laptop has Linux after several days and three different
> >my sound still doesn't work.
> >But on here all i've got so far has been "compile the kernel yourself".
> >Sorry, but it's got a long time before linux is ready for most people.
> >They will only be able to use linux if someone else installs it for them.
> The reason Linux is so challenging is becuase the community develops
> all of its own drivers, usually with NO SUPPORT on the part of the
> manufacturer.  If they spent 1/10 of what they spent developing Windows
> drivers on OSS driver development, then we woudn't have this problem.
> If it bothers you so much, then stick with Windows.  If you want to help
> improve things, then write your hardware vendors and tell them you won't
> purchase another product from them until they begin releasing GPLd or BSDd
> drivers.
> -Roberto

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