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Re: install XFree86 4.3 on Woody?

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 09:02:12PM -0300, Santiago Hirschfeld wrote:
> Hi all,
> Im running woody with some packages installed from unofficial sources found
> in apt-get.org, and i was wondering if it's a good idea to switch to XFree86
> 4.3, everything is working so well now, that i wouldn't like to reinstall
> everything (again). I pretty new to debian, but i'm begining to get why is it
> so loved. 

If it's working great, why mess with it?

> If it's a good idea tu upgrade XFree86, can u suggest a source? please?

If you decide you do want it, http://www.apt-get.org/ almost certainly
has an apt source for it.

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