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Re: Urgente - 6 tarjetas de Red

On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 04:57, Paul Johnson wrote:
> I made the assumption because 1) It's reflexive to assume people are
> in the same country as you, even when it's false, 2) my spanish sucks
> and when I saw "red" I assumed spanglish mode.

Actually, this is more true of americans than of people from any other
country. I am in the uk and realise that the majority of this list are
american. Actually, I expect majority of the people I meet on the net to
be american. Possible either because they are or the ones I meet from
the states give out the impression that the majority of the people on
the net are american.

Please also note that a majority of resources and websites are america
based even though the internet is technically global.

Just as an example, try putting in the british spelling "colour" into
google and you get ~7 million hits. Now try with the american spelling
"color" and you get ~43 million hits.

Therefore, it is not because that you are from america that you think
that everyone else, its because the net (rightly or wrongly) gives out
the impression that the majority of people on the net are americans.

Just my £0.02. Please do not flame me.


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