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Re: Debian updates & upgrades with dialup [was: wxWindows for GTK installation]

On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 19:33, Tim wrote:
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> Jesse Meyer wrote:
> | On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 03:47:39PM +0100, Tim wrote:
> |
> |>I'm installing wxWindows 2.4 over top of 2.2, using the .tar.bz2 file I
> |>downloaded (use this rather than apt-get as I often reinstall and use a
> |>dialup hence need to save downloaded updates)
> |
> |
> | To save dialup, and still do things the debian way, fetch apt-proxy, set
> | apt-proxy to fetch from the remote servers, and set apt-get to fetch
> | from the local apt-proxy
> |
> | Assuming you have the disk space (shouldn't be that large, since it only
> | downloads and proxies packages you request), it should save your
> | bandwidth
> |
> Good enough!  How would you recommend I get around the initial updates
> of several hundred MB?  I'm still with 3.0r0.

The several hundred mb updates are because wxGTK2.4 is now compiled with
g++-3.2 and depends on everything that was compiled with that as well.

What you can do is download the source using

apt-get source ...

and then get the depends using

apt-get build-dep ...

then go into the directory and run

fakeroot debian/rules binary (I think)

then the deb you want will be in .. (or thereabouts)



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