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Re: netiquette on other lists

On Wednesday 16 April 2003 14:38, Rudy Gevaert wrote:
> This has actually nothing to do with Debian, but I couldn't find any
> other list, and I am wondering what the thoughts are of the debian
> users about the following.
> Most of the subscribers here, must be on other lists too.  How does
> netiquette get handled on those lists?
> E.g.  I'm in the third year of computer science, but have to do also
> a couple of course in the second year.  Each year has a mailinglist
> where we can discuss course problems, or computer related stuff.
> The third year list, follows the netiquette guidelines rather good,
> but the second year they don't care that much.
> I made it my point from teaching them to quote below, don't use html,
> and don't send spam to the list.  But the more times I ask the poster
> the more rude answers I get.  I try to explain why it is better not
> to post in html, why it is better not to quote at the top, why it is
> bad to reply a random thread and change the subject.
> The bigger part follow the guidelines, but there are alwasy a couple
> of that don't.  And always go shouting, yelling at me.
> It's true I'm almost the only one that says something about it, but I
> hope to think that other people think the same but don't want to play
> the marthyr.
> Have any of you had the same experience?

Well, usually on GNU/Linux related mailing lists, netiquettes are 
obeyed. That's maybe because the community has learned these values, 
and cares about them. But on other non GNU/Linux mailing lists, I have 
also faced people, which simply don't care about these things. The sad 
fact that I have come to understand, is that trying to teach these 
people, netiquettes, is a worthless challange. I mean look, I don't 
know about your case, But I have seen many AOL users, which don't 
actually use anything other what AOL offers, and still, think of 
themselves as highly computer competent ( e.g, they don't know what a 
browser is, they just know where to click, the open that AOL thing). I 
have long given up the battle to teach these people, why they shouldn't 
send html messages, for example. 

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