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Re: Learning SAX/C++ on Debian

Mike M wrote:
> Can anyone advise me on how to proceed in learning how to use xerces/sax and
> C++ on Debian?  I am trying to compile the samples at
> http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c/index.html.
> First, I installed libxerces1 from the stable packages which seems to be
> version 1.5.2.  I am running an x86 stable Debian system.

You need to install libxerces1-dev.

> Then, I downloaded the stable package from the Apache site above to get the
> sample application code - it's a version 2.2.
You should either use the Debian packages or build the source from xml.apache.org, not both.

Then have a look at the SAXPrint sample provided with libxerces1-dev (dpkg -L libxerces1-dev to find out where)

Good luck,
/Jonas U

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