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Learning SAX/C++ on Debian

Can anyone advise me on how to proceed in learning how to use xerces/sax and 
C++ on Debian?  I am trying to compile the samples at 

First, I installed libxerces1 from the stable packages which seems to be 
version 1.5.2.  I am running an x86 stable Debian system.

Then, I downloaded the stable package from the Apache site above to get the 
sample application code - it's a version 2.2.

The version mismatch has me befuddled; I didn't get any include files (that I 
could find) when I installed libxerces1; did I miss a package?; and the list 
of concerns and questions goes on and on.....

Any advice, links, or book refs would be most appreciated.  I'm only trying 
to do the SAX equivalent of "Hello world.""
Mike M.

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