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RE: Networking - dhcp-client

Clive says:

>Hi Alan

>If you've got a broadband connection, it is really simple.  Change your  
>/etc/apt/sources.list to:
>http://.......etc/debian stable main (stable is woody and it means that  
>when sarge becomes stable you will upgrade seamlessly)
>There is also a command to upgrade your sources list automatically but  
>I can't recall it offhand - you should also include the source for  
>security patches.

>And then use dselect as described in Note 3.4 within:

>I almost always use dselect to add and remove packages - it's just so  
>easy ;-) No floppies, no CD's just instant gratification ;-)

Looks like I'll be registering another MAC with my ISP. Isn't it amazing how it takes someone else to state the flaming obvious ;-)) 

Obviously my cable connection is b****er all use if teal cannot connect to the network to use it. BUT I can unplug the cable and feed it straight into teal to perform the upgrade and then have a go at re-establishing the network stuff once Woody is on board:-)) 

       Alan Lakin
Wallington, Surrey

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