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Problem with horde2/imp3 after upgrade today...

Using debian testing on an x86 platform.  My horde2 installation was
working fine until about 1 hour ago when I upgraded using dselect.  The
error I'm getting is:

Warning: Undefined index: status in /usr/share/horde2/menu.php on line 34

This is located where the menu should be at the bottom of the initial
page.  If I attempt to login apache-ssl takes 99% of my processing power
until I tell apache-ssl to restart.

I've checked the CVS records for menu.php to see if it changed in
between 2.2.1-3 and 2.2.1-2, but as far as I can tell there was no
change.  I attempted a grep through the horde2 tree looking for the
pattern "\$params.\'st" (excluding double quotes), and found only two
instances: One in menu.php (obviously), and another in lib/Registry.php.

So, I'm at a stopping point, having reached the limits of what I know
about horde2.  Has anyone else seen this issue?  Does anyone have any
suggestions for what to try next?


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