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Re: Hi and attachment question

* S�r�ciya Kurdistan� (sereciya@kurdistan.ath.cx) [030413 17:54]:
> Welcome to the list Antony,
> > I'm migrating a couple of servers from RH 8 to Debian 3.0, and thought it
> > would be a good idea to subscribe here.  
>   good idea ;)
> > One question though - why is it
> > that some posts come through to me as text file attachments?  It's pretty
> > annoying.
>   It could be that your mail client "Microsoft Outlook Express" is having
>   trouble understanding PGP Signatures.

Actually, not even that.  It's that it doesn't understand RFC 2183.
Apparently, the outlook express team (IIRC, outlook, an entirely
different product with a confusingly similar name, does it correctly) at
microsoft hasn't gotten around to fixing this.  RFC 2183 was written in
1997, and this broken MIME implementation has lived through the last
many major versions of OE, even when it was fixed in outlook.

My best guess is that they realize that the most common symptom of this
bug is inoperability with mutt/gpg users, and they see this as a good
thing: giving na�ve OE users the impression that "linux sends messed up
emails with attachments to blank messages."  This is what you get with
proprietary software.  Outlook Express is a pox; nobody should ever use

good times,

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