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Re: graphical login to a different Linux machine

On Sun, 13 Apr 2003 00:17:32 +0530 Santanu Chatterjee wrote:
> But here what I needed is this (as an example):
>   There are two Linux computers(say A & B), both showing xdm/gdm/kdm.
>   Now, I want to log into B from the login screen presented to me at
>   computer A. As others in this list have suggested, I can use XDMCP
>   at B so that it can accept login requests from A. 
> This facility was what I saw; an XP user at one computer logging in to
> another XP computer. He just selected the domain from a pull down list
> and then entered a login name at the computer he was connecting to.

I think you're mixing things up a bit. At the login screen of a Windows
2000 or XP you are given the option (if the computer belongs to a
Windows domain) of performing user authentication either locally or
through the domain controller of the domain.

This does not mean you log into computer B from computer A, it means
you're logging into computer A in any case, but you'll eventually get
added benefits from a domain logon such as a roaming profile giving you
the same working environment whatever computer you chose to work on.

The small network I manage at my workplace works like this. All users
must log on to the domain (through a debian/samba pdc) which gives them
the same profile whatever machine they use, and keeps things
conveniently centralized on the debian machine for ease of

Carlos Sousa

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