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Debian/Hylafax Setup

Will someone take pity on this poor, dumb, defenseless user who is desperately trying to setup a Hylafax server on Debian 2.4?


I’m sure the answers are out there – I’m either not seeing them or not understanding them.


First, during the FAXSETUP process, hylafax objects to several missing directions and files – mostly related to ghostscript.  I have already installed ghostscript.


I have been moderately successful with FAXADDMODEM – my two external USR Sportsters are detected and functioning.


Once I can get past the base server setup – we move on to client issues.


I’m trying to wind up with something superior to the Winfax Pro environment I used to have.  I have Windoze clients that will be communicating with this server.  I’d like to be able to utilize Outlook’s address book – without the need for importing, preferably.  I want to be able to see (and control) the fax queue from any client.  And I want all received faxes (and copies of sent faxes) sent to a particular e-mail address.


Is there a document that details this process for newbies – or can someone help me generate one?



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