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Re: How to know what drivers has been used by the kernel

> I am a newbie in linux and currently I am using Debian 3.0 with 2 
> network cards.  I wonder if there is any way to know what my network 
> cards are recognized in my linux distribution.  With the command 
> "lsmod", I am quite sure it's not using module.

I assume they are PCI. The command 'lspci -v' gives you the information
about which cards are seen by the kernel, and their addresses. 'lsmod'
would give you the loaded modules, but first you have to manually load
them. When you know the model, use 'modconf' to load the modules. Or if
the case is that the cards work already, but you don't see the modules,
they are built in the kernel. In other words, they don't have to be
loaded separately as modules. The output from 'dmesg' gives you kernel
messages. There you'll find something like (in my case):

PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 00:0d.0
3c59x: Donald Becker and others. www.scyld.com/network/vortex.html
00:0d.0: 3Com PCI 3c905C Tornado at 0xe400. Vers LK1.1.16

This tells you that the driver is loaded. Note that yours can be a lot
different, depending on your card model/manufacturer. If you don't see a
line like that, no driver has been loaded.



Johan Ehnberg
"Windows? No... I don't think so."

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