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Re: initrd history lesson, please

Tom Allison said:
> Why did Debian incorporate the initrd process into the 2.4.xx kernel
> builds?
> I was reading 'man initrd' and I guess I don't understand that high  level
> feature that initrd has that is advantageous for using it.

the main reason I think is because the 2.4.x kernel is so damn big
you can't build very many drivers into it and still keep it small enough
to fit on a floppy, some drivers need to be made available very early
in the boot process(e.g. before root filesystem is mounted), initrd is
the most flexible way to do this.

when I made a 2.4.x boot disk I had to strip the kernel down to it's
bare bones. contrast to 2.2.x where I could have a really bloated kernel
and have drivers for all of my different systems and it'd still be
smaller then a stripped 2.4.x kernel.


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