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Re: Debian and 2.5 kernels, laptop


* David Bragason <bragason@uni-freiburg.de> [2003-Apr-11 11:43 AKDT]:
> I'm new to the 2.5 kernel too, but what you describe all sounds 
> familiar. What fixed it for me: CONFIG_ISA=y. Try that.

Interesting.  'grep ISA /boot/config-2.5.67' shows


so I've already got the ISA deal.

> Then don't forget to run update-modules after make modules_install.  
> Everything should work.

I used the make-kpkg command from kernel-package to build a Debian 
package for it, and installed it using dpkg.  I wonder if this makes a 

So insertion events trigger the beeping, module insertion and such that 
2.4.xx pcmcia-cs does?  Which pcmcia-cs package / source are you using?

Would you mind sending me your /boot/config-2.5.xx so I can take a look 
and see if there's something silly I'm missing?


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