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Re: Samba for scanner?

Hi Michael

> What set up would you recommend?  Can I share a scanner from Linux? I
> have not been able to find any information on this.  I am hoping that
> there is something like raw access through Samba for printing so that
> windows can use its own drivers.

The only (I know) way to share a scanner from linux is connecting it to 
another linux machine, then run gimp (or xscanimage) through ssh - you don't 
want to do that.

> I also have not found any information on how to connect a Linux box to a
> shared windows printer - except in the online TOC of some books for
> purchase, so I suspect it can be done.

I have such a setup here at university: a Win2k box having a printer connected 
to it via parallel port, which is exported to the local network. In linux I 
have managed to get it working with apsfilter: Just run apsfilterconfig and 
follow the menus; choose the samba option for network printing.

> Please advise.
I hope this was enough advice for you...


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