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Re: Security Questions

%% "Thomas H. George,,," <georgeacct@spininternet.com> writes:

  thg> I believe my home network has been compromised (my daughter received
  thg> returned emails she neversent)

Note that this is a _very_ common spam technique these days.  They
disguise spam as rejected mail, because most mail filters, etc. will
pass those through without much checking.

Or, of course, someone could have forged your daughter's email address
on their spam and the replies you're getting are to that.

They don't need to send the email from your system to forge the return

You should check the original message, with all its headers, to
determine if it really came from your daughter's computer (your network)
originally or not.

I'm not saying you shouldn't go ahead, but you might look more carefully
at the kinds of returned email you're getting before deciding
categorically your network has been cracked.

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