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Re: LM-Sensors on an ASUS P4B533

Mike Dresser <mdresser_l@windsormachine.com> writes:

> How are you supposed to install the lm-sensors-source when you compile
> your own kernels.  the resulting file from make-kpkg modules_install
> depends on kernel-image-2.4.20.  I just --force-depends'd it in, I assume
> that's not the proper way.

This works fine if you build your kernel with make-kpkg, which
Everybody Should Do (TM).  Otherwise, try 'debian/rules
modules-nokpkg' as root from your unpacked lm-sensors-source tree.

> Is this ASUS P4B533 supported by the i2c/lmsensors found in Sid?

Well, it's not listed (under that name, anyways) on
http://secure.netroedge.com/~lm78/supported.html.  The lm-sensors in
sid is slightly old; even so, it looks like the newer version doesn't
support it.

> I looked for various howto's, but they all assume you're running prebuilt
> kernels, unfortunately.

/usr/share/doc/lm-sensors-source/README.Debian.gz should tell you how
to build lm-sensors both with and without kernel-package.

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