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Re: remote printer configuration - cups

Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 06:14:12AM -0500, Tom Allison wrote:
| Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:

| >I would first install the 'cupsys' package.  Then add a local queue
| >for the printer (use either the lpadmin command or the web interface
| >which you'll find at http://localhost:631/).  Specify the correct
| >model so that data conversions work correctly.  As for the device URI
| >you have a couple of choices :
| >    lpd://<hostname>/<printername>
| >    ipp://<hostname>:631/ipp/port1
| >    socket://<hostname>:9100/
| I started to try this approach and died here:
| | Setting up cupsys (1.1.15-4) ...
| Starting CUPSys: cupsd.

So far so good.

| tallison@penguin:~$ sudo foomatic-configure -s cups -n FS1900 -c | socket:// -p Kyocera-FS-1900 -d Postscript
| Password:
| Cannot read printers.conf file!

Umm, hmm.  First of all, I have no idea what 'foomatic-configure' is
or what it is supposed to do.  (actually I have a guess, but the point
is that I have never used it and don't know how it is supposed to be
used or how it is supposed to work)

What I do notice is that you didn't configure cups after installing
the package.  Use the 'lpadmin' command, or point a browser to
http://localhost:631/ and add a printer.

OK, this is where I get into trouble.

I have what is supposed to be a network printer with support for JetDirect, Cups and LPD. Unfortunately, it isn't exactly a cups server. So I guess in order to get my network printer working, I need yet another server....

I guess the whole point was to set up a printer that didn't require another server. After all, it's got it's own hard drive and a 233MHz CPU.

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