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Re: Sawfish 1.3 + Gnome2 questions?

On Wed, 2003-04-02 at 10:04, Gary Hennigan wrote:
> A couple of questions for those running sid with Gnome2 and
> Sawfish. 
> 1) I can't figure out how to turn edge-flipping on. That's the ability
> to drag a window between workspaces. I use that feature quite heavily
> and am loathe to use the little teeny things in the pager to try and
> accomplish this. I read some discussion on the edge-flipping capbility
> in the sawfish bugzilla database and my interpretation was that it was
> removed, but the discussion was from last year and a poll showed
> overwhelming support for the feature so I'm hoping it didn't
> disappear.

There's a file, OPTIONS.gz, in /usr/share/doc/sawfish which lists all
the options available for sawfish. Copy it (unzipped of course) to
~/.sawfishrc and uncomment to your satisfaction.  Most of the options
are available from the configurator, but a few (edge flipping, box vs.
opaque move and resizing, viewports, extra window placement options,
etc.) are only available here.

First Impressions are Bunk.

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