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Re: login as root to GUI

On Wed, 2003-04-02 at 17:19, Yaron wrote:
> Hi,
> Since I rebooted my machine in the 1st time I can't login as root through the gui login screen.
> I get error msg "system administrator can't login from this screen"
> If I login as 'normal' user it's ok, and than I can use su and switch to root, but no matter what I tried, I can't login to the machine as root. (tried to delete all other users and leave only root account - couldn't login AT ALL had to re-install...not funny at all)
> Each time after I reboot it opens the GUI login screen, so it's not like I can login without X and than use startX...

Try this: log in to the GUI as a mortal, pull up a terminal, su to root,
and disable the "wbm" script in /etc/init.d and the runlevel

Betcha you installed the desktop environment with tasksel. That's what I
did to get where you are. I think that tasksel installs, along with
Gnome and KDE and X, a startup file that (effectively) substitutes an X
login for the text login. And the X login, as a security measure, won't
accept a root login. There may be a config file to fix this, but I bet
you have to be root to edit it...

That's what happened to me, anyway, I'm pretty sure. I do know for sure
that killing, deleting, and scribbling all over wbm got me back to the
text login.

Glenn English

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