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Re: login as root to GUI


Being a newbie I had the same problem that you had I couldnt log onto X with the root account. This is actually meant to be that way. The reason being is that if you want to do any system administration you should log in with a regular account and use the "SU" command as you mentioned below that you had done that. 

When you find yourself at the Windows X log on screen and only have the root account created, you can switch to the command line by using "ALT-F7" I think, if that is not the right command then read the man pages and it should be there. Once in the command line, you are allowed to log in as root (Although still not recommended) and you can create a user account. I hope that helps!

----- Original Message -----
From: Yaron <shnur@ee.bgu.ac.il>
Date: Wednesday, April 2, 2003 5:19 pm
Subject: login as root to GUI

> Hi,
> Since I rebooted my machine in the 1st time I can't login as root 
> through the gui login screen.
> I get error msg "system administrator can't login from this screen"
> If I login as 'normal' user it's ok, and than I can use su and 
> switch to root, but no matter what I tried, I can't login to the 
> machine as root. (tried to delete all other users and leave only 
> root account - couldn't login AT ALL had to re-install...not funny 
> at all)
> Each time after I reboot it opens the GUI login screen, so it's 
> not like I can login without X and than use startX...
> H E L P !
> 10x,
> Yaron.

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