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OT - mozilla 1.3 problems

I install mozilla on my machine by untarring the tar.gz file in my home
directory, rename it to mozilla_xxx, and then symlink it to mozilla.
This allows me to keep and run older versions.

When I run 1.3 the 'privacy & security' preference option no longer
expands and the tools->web_development tab no longer contains the 
DOM Inspector nor the Javascript Debugger (I just installed the Venkman
extention from the mozilla site). When I run 1.21 those things all still

Other than that, 1.3 seems much nicer and faster.

Do I need to change something?

"If you speak the truth, have a foot in the stirrup." -- Turkish proverb
    Rick Pasotto    rick@niof.net    http://www.niof.net

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