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Re: Why am I no longer receiving the digest?

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 01:41:46PM +0100, Pigeon wrote:
> Is there some problem with the list servers at the moment? I haven't
> received a debian-user-digest since March 31st. Yet on visiting
> lists.debian.org I see there's been plenty of traffic. Has anybody
> else not received the digest?
> Er, well, if anyone HAS been receiving the digest normally since 31st
> March, could you please tell me?
> I haven't changed anything in my mail setup, and there's nothing in my
> exim logs to indicate that I've inadvertently bounced any digests.
> They just stopped coming in.
> Please CC me on replies to this, for obvious reasons.

No brilliant ideas, except you can check to see whether the mailserver
thinks you are still subscribed.

Send an email to "majordomo@lists.debian.org" with a null subject and
a body consisting SOLELY of "which <your.email>".  Obviously, you must
provide your email address :-)

Good luck,

Nathan Norman - Incanus Networking mailto:nnorman@incanus.net
  GUIs normally make it simple to accomplish simple actions and
  impossible to accomplish complex actions.
          -- Doug Gwyn

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