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Re: Helvetica Fonts gone

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On Wednesday 02 Apr 2003 5:28 am, Robert Rati wrote:
> I'm running Unstable, and a while ago the Helvetica fonts disappeared
> from my available fonts list.  I've searched the Debian archives as well
> as on Google, but I haven't found anything that will tell me how to fix
> this problem.  A message posted last year on the Debian list mentioned
> that the Helvetica font is in the xfonts-75dpi and xfonts-100dpi
> packages, which I have installed.  I found some articles that mentioned
> the need to setup aliases for the Helvetica font on Debian, but they
> seemed out of date, as well as not providing much information, and their
> linked to extra documentation was no longer available.  Can someone
> point me in the right direction for fixing this problem?  TIA.

It might be a fontconfig problem.  Take a look in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf for a 
line like


This will automatically include subdirectories - but you might find its not 
there or it already includes some subdirectories but not others (hence 
loosing you Helvetica font).

Change it to the above and then run fc-cache -f as root.

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Alan Chandler
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