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Re: Mozilla idealab link

On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 11:45:11PM -0600, Donald Spoon wrote:

> Paul M Foster wrote:
> >I'm running testing, and the Mozilla that comes with it. Every time I
> >start the program, it goes to a local page on my hard drive which has my
> >favorite links on it. Immediately thereafter, before I do anything else,
> >it jumps to http://find.idealab.com. This is pretty obnoxious behavior. 
> >I've cleaned out caches, removed and blocked all cookies, etc. I've even
> >scanned all the mozilla files in my ~/.mozilla directories for the
> >idealab string. No matter what, it still does it. Anyone know why? Is
> >there a fix for this?
> >
> >Paul
> >
> >
> You have to modify the "startup" page from the Debian defaults.
> Under "Edit" --> "Preferences" --> "Navigator" select "Home page" as the 
> startup display, then type in  your favorite URL under the "Home Page" 
> section in the middle.  If you go to the "favorite" or startup page in 
> Mozilla before you do the above you can simply select the option "Use 
> Current Page".
> Once you do this Mozilla should startup in your "home" page selected 
> above.  This has always worked for me here....

Doesn't work. But a little research turned up the reason for it. 

It's a bug. It seems that if you open up Mozilla with the History tab
foremost, it attempts to execute a "find:" command (similar to other
commands like, "about:" and such). This fails, so it converts this to a
URL: www.find.com. This redirects to find.idealab.com.

I saw that someone posted a link to the fix, but the link was stale, so 
I don't know what the fix is.


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