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Re: postfix + evolution smtp auth assistance needed

On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 02:31:32PM -0500, Mental wrote:
> Hello, my apologies if this is a rehash. I've STFW and RTFM'd a bit and
> I'm still coming up short on an answer.
> I'm trying to get evolution working properly with postfix. Other clients
> (sylpheed, mozilla, OE) work. It is Evolution that remains to work
> correctly. I'm migrating from sendmail to postfix. The last exploit was
> the last straw. I dont really need any of the more esoteric features of
> sendmail anymore, and it was only comfort and familiarity that kept me
> using it. So I switched, and except for this last issue its been a great
> success with reasonably little effort on my part :)

To follow up my own questions.... 

I wound up tracking down my problems to a permission problem with
/etc/sasldb. Making it accessible to the postfix group fixed the problem.
However, I thought postfix was running chrooted? The instructions I'd
read previously seemed to indicate so. Tailing both mail.log and auth.log
was very helpful :)

So, I'm reading over the postfix-doc package and getting a feel for
things. Just figured I'd follow up on this in case it helps anyone else.

Mental (Mental@NeverLight.com)

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