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Re: How do I "apt-get upgrade" the kernel for debian-390?

On Sat, 2003-03-29 at 23:17, Peter Farley wrote:
> I am running stable debian-390 under the hercules
> emulator on an RH7.3 base system, and the debian-390
> kernel is 2.4.17-s390.  I have set up my sources.list
> to add the testing release, but neither apt-get
> upgrade nor dpkg -l seem to have anything for the
> kernel itself.
> Is the kernel not upgradeable with apt-get?  I don't
> want to build a kernel, I just want to install a
> more current kernel image version than what is in
> stable.
kernels are special in debian since you have to reboot for them to take
effect.  apt-cache search kernel-image should show you all the kernels
avaliable.  Choose one and apt-get install it making sure your boot
loader recognizes the new one.  Then reboot and enjoy.


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