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Re: How long is linux going to be free ?

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On Fri, Mar 28, 2003 at 09:21:49PM +0200, Aryan Ameri wrote:

> Copyleft software, does not have owner,

Actually, it does have an owner, usually the founder of the project,
sometimes the collective of contributors.  The software is licensed to
you, the end user, on the basis that you can obtain and redistribute
it freely at any price under the same terms that you recieved it.
This is the legal way of getting around the shortcomings of public
domain, namely, someone can modify it and make a proprietary work from
it.  It's not entirely clear whether or not the copyright holders may
release new versions of the software under a more restrictive license,
making the non-free fork of tuxracer legally questionable as far as I
can tell.

For those who don't know, about a year ago the copyright holders of
tuxracer decided they were going to license new versions proprietarily
and release binary-only on Windows only.  Notice that tuxracer remains
in main, however, since that software is based off the prior GPL

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