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Re: Mozilla 1.3 and Java plugin

Sun's Java doesn't work on versions of Mozilla compiled with GCC > 3.


Get the correct version and things will work properly.

On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 10:28, Pedro I. Sanchez wrote:
> Hello,
> I can't get Mozilla 1.3 to recognize the java plugin that I install in 
> my PC. I'm running Sid, and I've tried the Blackdown Java and Sun's Java 
> run times, both 1.4.1.
> With both Java implementations, after doing the install, I go to 
> /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and do a soft link to the libjavaplugin_oji.so 
> file that comes with the Java distribution. I verified that all the 
> libraries are present by running the ldd command against this .so file 
> and everything looks OK.
> However, when I relaunch Mozilla I don't get any java plugin listed in 
> the "about:plugins" page. I however see all other plugins that live in 
> the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory.
> Any ideas? Thank you,
> -- 
> Pedro

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