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Re: Making PDF document in KWord

On Tuesday 25 March 2003 15:21, Kent West wrote:
> Aryan Ameri wrote:

> >When I want to make a PDF document with KWord (Using print menu), KWord is
> >able to make a pdf file, but the result is crappy, many words are not in
> >their original position, and all in all, it is unreadable. However, making
> >PostScript files works fine, but anyway, windoze users can't view PS
> > files.
> >
> >Is there any reason why the resulted PDF files are like this? Any way I
> > can repair this?
> >
> >BTW, I am using KOffice 1.2.1, on KDE 3.1.0 RC 5

> Can't answer your question, but you might try making a PS file, and then
> run ps2pdf against it to create a PDF file from the PS file. Maybe your
> results will be better.

Well, I guess I know where the problem is being caused. As I said, I can make 
PS files perfectly, and I can pdf them with ps2pdf.However, ps2pdf12 ( which 
produced pdf version 1.2 documents ) works great, but when I try ps2pdf13 ( 
version 1.3) or ps2pdf14 (version 1.4 ), the resulted files are crappy and 
unreadable. I guess because KWord also defaults to pdf version 1.3, that's 
why the problem occures.

Any ideas on why pdf 1.2 documents are produced perfectly, but when I try to 
convert a PS file into PDF 1.3, the resulted file is unreadable ?


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