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Re: getting rid of flash

On Sun, 2003-03-23 at 16:52, Hans Wilmer wrote:
> Hi!
> How can I get rid of the annoying messages from Mozilla that tell me
> to download a plugin whenever a webpage contains one of those obsolete
> 'flash' things? I definitely do not want all that 'flash' rubbish ---
> it only wastes bandwidth and supposedly provides no information at
> all ...
> Unfortunately, squid has some bug which prevents me from using it as a
> proxy so that I can't run squidguard, either. Instead of squid, I'm
> using oops. I've already tried to use filterproxy to filter-out the
> 'flashes', but it doesn't work at all. (Oops is running transparently
> on the firewall, and filterproxy might have trouble with such a
> combination.)
> It would suffice if I could tell Mozilla to just ignore 'flashes'
> instead of popping up a message, and not to download them.
> BTW, is there any way to tell the Mozilla LDAP-client to use anonymous
> logins? It's annoying to be asked for a password over and over again
> even while just typing your search string at the address-book window
> ...
> GH

>From a recent discussion on galeon's list ..

> If I can't disable Flash, how can I disable the error messages from
> pages using Flash when the plugin is not installed? It's very annoying
> to get that popup for every single Flash enabled page. Sometimes I
> browse forums that have Flash banners...

I belive if you delete the nullplugin.so in the mozilla plugins
directory you can stop this, but for all unknown plugins.  I think there
is a patch for mozilla called something like

HTH, Shaun.

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