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Re: Where is faq/HOWTO for changing locale?

On Sat, Mar 22, 2003 at 11:59:35AM -0800, Peter Farley wrote:
> I need to change my locale from LANG=C to LANG=en_US
> on debian-390 (woody-3.0r1), running under hercules
> 390 emulator.  Just changing the value of LANG does
> not seem to do what I expect.  In fact, it doesn't
> seem to do much of anything.
> Could someone please point me to a faq or HOWTO that
> tells what packages need to be installed and a
> step-by-step procedure for changing locale?
> TIA for any info and RTFM's you can provide.

I don't have any FAQ pointers, but have you tried setting
LC_ALL=en_US ?  I apologise for stating the obvious, but you also have
to export the variables once you set them.

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