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Re: New exim setup (and exim 4?)

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 07:23:21AM -0800, Bill Moseley wrote:
| I'm moving from a sendmail mail server to a Woody based exim setup.
| I am an Exim beginner, so I'm trying to get prepared for the move.  Any
| tips or pointers to HOWTOs would be appreciated.
| Should I stick with Exim 3 or would it be wise to start with Exim 4?
| (I see exim4 is in experimental now.)

Go to version 4.  I don't know how decent the experimental package is,
but the software itself is very stable.  (I started using exim4 around
a year ago and thus had to compile it myself)  While a large portion
of exim3's operation is the same in exim4, much has changed as well.
The configuration is simpler in some areas and much more flexible in
others.  Thus the config file is incompatible, so it is best to start
with the current technology instead of starting with old tools and
then migrating later.

| Do you have a favorite HOWTO for setting up Exim with virtual hosts
| (multiple hosted domains)?  I'm only planning on hosting a small number of
| domains.

Sorry, I haven't done any virtual hosting yet.

| My current sendmail setup does a number of things I'd like to keep.  I
| looking for examples how to do these things with Exim:
| - I use procmail to add an X-Envelope-To: to every incoming message.  Can
| Exim do this for me?  I still want procmail as the local delivery (which
| exim does).

Yes.  (see the 'headers_add' option on routers and transports, or
better yet set 'return_path_add' and receive the typical
"Return-Path:" header)

| - Some virtual hosts deliver all mail to a single local user except a few
| specific address (e.g. foo@example.com is delivered to local user foo,
| bar@example.com gets forwarded to an external address, but all other
| addresses go to local user baz by default).
| - I have other virtual hosts where a bunch of defined addresses get
| aliased to other addresses, but if foo@ is not aliased then it gets
| bounced.
| - And I have one domain where all mail is delivered to one user.  That
| user uses procmail to alias to other accounts (their alias list is updated
| often).  Their procmail script uses the X-Envelope-To: header to determine
| where to forward each message.

I am quite certain all this is possible (it's just a variety of
conditions for choosing which "router" will handle delivery) but I
haven't implemented this specific configuration.

| One change will be to deliver to maildir instead of mbox,

Easy enough.

| so I can setup IMAP.

IMAP works with maildir, mbox, and a variety of other formats too
(wholly dependant on the imap server you choose)

| I need to review the recent thread on "Building an IMAP server" to
| see which one to install (Cyrus or Courier-imap).

Well, cyrus doesn't use maildir.  It uses its own database or
database-like format.  Nonetheless cyrus does work with exim.

| My current plan is to not allow any remote imap connections, but maybe ssl
| based webmail.

Sure, if that's what you want.


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